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Today’s enterprises are faced with delivering innovative business solutions – with constrained budgets and limited resources. While users demand higher levels of service, simple processes, faster response times and continual availability, enterprises must shift from an infrastructure-centric to a service-centric enterprise.

INH partnered with leading technology vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec and others to provide a wide range of cloud solutions, cloud services and cloud infrastructure solutions. Cloud options range from entry systems capable of running one or more virtual servers through to highly available cloud infrastructure capable of supporting critical business applications. Private cloud infrastructure can be deployed on your premises or co-located in a data center(s) depending on your business requirements.

INH can help to reduce or remove the complexity of IT so our clients are better able to focus on growing their business.
We are a team of experienced IT Professionals, giving you access to the latest technologies which will enable you to grow and scale your business. We advise on clear strategies to support your business-critical functions.

Expert IT Services
Proactive Support
Management and Consultancy


INH specializes in successful outcomes by making every client’s cloud requirements work seamlessly together, managing all systems in concert.
We help clients with their Hybrid Cloud strategy, on-premise, hosted, private and public cloud. We work with companies of every size on advising, transitioning and managing custom workloads from on-premise to Public Cloud IaaS. With INH Cloud Services, companies can take full advantage of the many benefits of Public Cloud and still maintain security and governance, while containing overall spend with Hybrid Cloud.


The speed of change is growing at an exponential rate. Organizations demand speed and flexibility while preserving security to keep an edge on the competition. INH helps organizations focus on what’s most important − clients and reducing the cost associated with managing underlying applications, operating systems and infrastructure. Fully backed by a leading application-level SLA that fits unique business needs.
When you select INH to provide end-to-end managed cloud services, you no longer have to spend time worrying about costly optimization efforts.


Secure, fast and optimal enterprise applications performance is crucial to maintaining competitive advantage. Processes are becoming more integrated, yielding powerful business insight and increasing the need for reliable application services.
INH can be your Cloud partner at different levels.
Do you want only to have cloud solutions and manage the backend yourself? Not a problem. We partner with Microsoft, Symantec, Acronis and others and we have a wide range of cloud solutions that once acquired you can manage.
Do you want your just acquired cloud solutions be managed by us? Not a problem.
We can monitor your application for you and take action as soon as a problem arises. We have different SLA levels that can meet any client's needs.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively.