The OneSpan Advantage

Secure workflows. OneSpan is a digital agreements security company with a unique heritage in cybersecurity and business workflows. They safeguard every step of the digital workflow while keeping it refreshingly easy.

Tailored for your needs. OneSpan and I-Net Huddle portfolio span software, hardware, and services to layer in different levels of trust for any agreement or transaction and drive higher completion rates.

Proven. Benefit from our 30 years’ experience. We are the partner of choice to some of the most security conscious and regulated organizations in the world.

Frictionless Journeys for the Highest Completion Rates.

Every agreement and transaction is built on the trust between people. Applying for insurance, buying a home, signing an employment contract on the first day of a new job — securing these important life moments gives the people at the center of the transaction the confidence to share their sensitive data with you online.

Security plays a critical role here, but if it introduces friction, the risk of customer abandonment and attrition will rise. At OneSpan, we’ve built a wide range of identity proofing, authentication and security options into our platform from the ground up.

From ID verification with facial comparison to securing the mobile apps that people are transacting on, our built-in security works behind the scenes – so you can close business quickly and simply with the highest completion rates.

OneSpan Features & Benefits

Automate Workflows

  • Eliminate errors, Missing Data & Signatures
  • Reduce scanning/imaging
  • Reduce storage costs

Enable Mobile Workforce

  • Increasing number of mobile and remote workers
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Build Better Experience

  • Modernize interaction with:
  • Employees (B2E)
  • Partners/Suppliers (B2B)
  • Customers (B2B and B2C)
  • End-to-end digital experience

Improve Experience

  • Sign anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Improve efficiency

  • Reduce processing time, errors, re-works & costs.

Strengthen Compliance/Legal

  • Enforce business rules and capture detailed audit trails.


Vendor-independent storage – audit trail permanently embedded with documents.

Scalable Platform

E-signatures as a Service. Scale across your operations, quickly and cost-effectively. Global data centers for meeting in-country data residency requirements.

Easy for everyone

Fully optimized user experience for signers, senders, and developers

Comprehensive Audit Trails 

Reliable and easy to prove what took place during the signing workflow. Both static and active “visual” audit trails.


Most secure – protects every person’s signature using digital signature technology.

Highly Flexible

Automate any use case across your lines of business, channels, geographies or departments. Most flexible options, on premises, private and public cloud.

Editions & Pricing

Professional Plan


per year* (training not included)

Sender-initiated process (Ad-Hoc)

Start e-signing in minutes; no development work required;
Sold per user able to have up to 1,000 transactions annually;

Pre-Built Connectors included:

  • box;
  • Office 365;
  • SharePoint;
  • Microsoft Dynamics;
  • Salesforce

Add-on options:

  • Print Driver
  • Mobile Apps
  • Bulk Send
  • Fast Track
  • eNotary
  • Knowledge-Based authentication (KBA)

Enterprise Plan


per volume

For system-generated processes

Integrate e-signing capabilities into your web applications, mobile apps and core system
Monitoring performances, optimization, and International Support

Pre-Built Connectors:

  • box;
  • Office 365;
  • SharePoint;
  • Microsoft Dynamics;
  • Salesforce

Add-on options:

  • Open REST API and fully supported SDKs;
  • Advanced workflow customization;
  • Third-party data fields;
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration;
  • Signature capture hardware support;
  • Access to other eSignLive solutions.

Price based on volume. Contact us for pricing.

If you want to know more about eSignLive solution, please click the button to access the video tutorial page or contact us.