Veritas solutions focus on information, not infrastructure. Veritas comprehensive 360 approach to multi-cloud data management provides protection, availability and insight everywhere your information travels.

Harness the power of your information

Are you upgrading information governance practices or migrating from an on-premises archiving system? Veritas has helped thousands of customers successfully make the change. Enterprise archives data held in cloud and on-premises resources like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google G Suite mail, IBM Domino, SharePoint Server, or Lync instant messaging, Skype for Business and other forms of unified communications and social media.

Ensures compliant regulatory retention practices and defensible eDiscovery

Preserves email and other unstructured data by policy, as journaled records in a high-availability repository, protected against deletion

Provides rapid search, legal hold, case management and eDiscovery workflow to reduce cost, and improve the productivity of litigation support staff

Licensed as Software as a Service for a predictable monthly fee, stabilizing archiving costs, regardless of data growth

Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset.

Solutions available with INH

Veritas Enterprise Vault.Cloud

Veritas Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations better store, manage, and discover business-critical information. It securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository and delivers rapid search results and built-in collaborative eDiscovery workflow. Requiring no mandatory hardware or software, the service is easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee.

When you purchase the service, there is an option to have an Unassigned Legacy Archiving account. This acts as a catch-all to archive e-mails that contain the domain for your organization but does not belong to an active user. This catch all feature prevents loss of mail assuring compliance.

Veritas Enterprise consists of:

The Veritas Email service provides an affordable standby email failover system that activates in minutes, providing virtually uninterrupted access to email in the event of a mail server outage. The email continuity service is synchronized with your primary email system including contacts, calendars, distribution lists and global address lists. During an outage, users continue to access email functionality through Outlook, a BlackBerry device, or a Web browser. Email, contacts, and calendar items are automatically resynchronized when the primary email system is back online. Data is secured in transit and when stored in data centres by advanced encryption technologies.

Veritas Enterprise – Legacy Data Import is an additional option for Enterprise customers to allow any legacy email stored in your current environment to be uploaded to our Enterprise Vault data centre. This service provides you with the option to upload your legacy data and access it from your Veritas Enterprise service.

This service is only available to existing Veritas Enterprise and Veritas Enterprise Vault Enhanced.Cloud customers. This service is not available as a standalone

ArchiveTools Folder Sync is a separately installable application that synchronizes a user’s Microsoft Outlook mailbox folders with their Enterprise archive. The user can then view their archived items in a folder structure that matches the Outlook mailbox folders. Folder Sync lets you specify which users have their folders synchronized to the archive.

To use Folder Sync your organization must first have the Folder Sync service provisioned by your service provider. Each user that you enable for synchronization through Folder Sync counts as a license for the service.

If you want to know more about Veritas Enterprise Vault solution, please click the button to access the video tutorial page or contact us.